Primary Election Rally 2016

Captions from top to bottom:
Hamburgers, hot dogs and arroz con pollo a hit.
Early arrivals.
Food is served!
Phil Innamorato speaking for Sen. Toomey.
James Jones, 2nd Congressional candidate.
Calvin Tucker for Delegate (endorsed).
Elizabeth Preate Havey for Delegate (endorsed).
Aldridk Gessa for Delegate (endorsed).
RCC Chairman Joe Defelice.

Planning Commission gives thumbs down to Brewerytown proposal

The Philadelphia City Planning Commission voted Tuesday not to support a bill that would rezone dozens of properties in Brewerytown to single-family residential, down from multi-family residential.

Final Vote on Eminent Domain bill

Thursday, June 18th is the final vote for passing the eminent domain Bill #150409 to allow the Philadelphia Housing Authority to acquire 1300 properties in a section of the Sharswood neighborhood. (You can see the properties here: )

Preservation walkthrough of eminent domain properties

A group of preservationists planned a walk through of the neighborhood and ask me to walk them.

It was an eye-opening event for many people not overly familiar with the Sharswood neighborhood. It is true many vacant lots are being condemned for eminent domain, but there is also a lot of good, usable and livable properties that are as well.